Falkon 3.2.0 released

   Jan 31, 2022

New Falkon version is now out.


  • Add support for Screen Capture (Qt 5.13.2+)
  • Option for internal PDFium-based viewer (Qt 5.13+)
  • CookieManager: Add support for selecting more than one cookie at once
  • Correct the sorting for cookies white- and black- lists
  • Speeddial: decode initialScript data as Utf8
  • Set current tab as parent for duplicated tab
  • add support for detaching tabs via context menu (BUG 443947, !22 from Fran Rogers)
  • BookmarksManager: Don’t allow to create bookmark without parent
  • Remove the padding of the bookmark bar
  • Added context menu item to bookmarks toolbar for creating folder
  • Preferences: Add links to KDE store for installing themes/extensions
  • OcsSupport: Add initial support for downloading themes/extensions
  • Add filter to preferences extensions page
  • SideBarManager: Clear active sidebar upon close
  • Added focus for searchbar in history sidebar & bookmark sidebar
  • SearchToolBar: Remove warning message that no results were found
  • SearchBar - Show number of matches found on page search
  • added pause/resume for downloads
  • Prompt user when KWallet is disabled
  • KDEFrameworksIntegration: Create Purpose menu in init
  • GreaseMonkey: Fix detecting *.user.js urls

  • Added QLoggingCategory to Falkon
  • Handle web push notifications with Falkon notification system
  • Fix name and set desktop entry for notifications
  • NetworkManager: Fix QtWebEngine warning about registering schemes
  • Don’t use subfolders for QML/Python extensions
  • ThemeManager: Implement removing locally installed themes
  • Plugins: Implement removing locally installed plugins
  • Plugins: Use embedded JSON metadata for shared library plugins
  • RunAction plugin: set alternatingRowColors for listWidget
  • VerticalTabs: Accept click event on tree collapse
  • VerticalTabs: Draw unloaded tabs with “Disabled” color palette
  • VerticalTabs: Add child tab with middle click on “New Tab” button
  • VerticalTabs: Corectly recognize tree collapse / expand button
  • VerticalTabs: Also override Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown shortcuts

Download: falkon-3.2.0.tar.xz (sig signed with EBC3FC294452C6D8)